Eurobarge s.r.o. is the largest builder of steel canal boats in the Czech Republic producing about 10 boats per year.All steel work,engineering, fit-out and paint work carried out by our own staff in our 2 000 m2 factory, which allows us to work on 6 boats at any time if necessary.Our qualified welders,joiners,electricians,painters and fitters work under supervisors with the knowledge and experiences of more than 150 boats built from scratch.We are the main supplier of boats to Northwich boat company ltd. and Elton Moss Boatbuilders ltd.We specialise in building custom designed boats to customers specific requirements including combination of many systems like hybrid - electric propulsion with diesel engine,diesel heaters or heat pumps fitted with radiators or underfloor heating, solar panels,air conditioning,cameras,generators,collapsible or motorized wheelhouses, steps or platforms for disabled people.As well all possible combination of wood, painted or laminated boards for interier.

Certificate of EC type-examination

The company acquired the certificate of EC type - examination on the craft >> více

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